Valentine’s Day: Washed & Waiting

I stumbled across this quote earlier today and I thought it was applicable to what many of us are expressing publicly and in private for this holiday who choose a life of singleness.

“Celebrating Advent means being able to wait.” — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

For those of us who are opting to live the celibate or single life, today can be rather difficult. Yes our hearts may and indeed should be rejoicing as we see romantic expressions of others. And yes if we begin to envy, we must remind ourselves what they have is a good thing, something we should rejoice happily for what they have. Still our hearts may mournfully ache for romance,  for that emotional attraction and attachment to another. We may have a degree of romance in our friendships, but admittedly it is not like what those given in marriage have.

But that is alright. Its actually not a bad thing.

As individuals who choose to live celibate or single lives in Christ, we take this angst and return back to the heart of Advent. We are the redeemed, the ones who are washed and waiting on our Lord, our Love, our Bridegroom.This means we are able to wait by his strength in the Spirit. His love is always for and given to us. His love is sweeter than honey; sustaining us both when we are weak or strong.

If the angst is there today or any day, may it be redemptive. May it be a tool that we use to draw deeply into the heart of worship. In doing so, we proclaim faith in the eternal gospel of Christ our Lord. Happy waiting! Come Lord Jesus!

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