Book Review: Single, Gay, Christian

Over the last few days, I have had the chance to read Greg Cole’s new memoir Single, Gay, Christian. To be upfront, Greg and I share a few mutual friends, this has afforded me the opportunity to receive an advance digital copy of his memoir in exchange for an honest review. As a reviewer, my reflections come from being an individual who experiences attractions to the same-sex and is a Christian with traditional values.

The title of the book takes its cue from the author’s attempt to navigate the waters of being single, gay, and Christian. For Greg, his identity is rooted firmly in Christ. My understanding of Greg’s view, as taken from his writing, is one in which he views his homosexuality as being a minor note in light of Christ, but as something that is present and being informed, transformed and redeemed in Christ for the glory of God.

Greg is unapologetically from the beginning an evangelical Christian. He makes clear through his witness that our only response as evangelicals to the current sexual revolution is a further commitment to a traditional sexual ethic. In his asides, which are personally my favorite parts of the book, he stresses a gospel of grace and hope. That our only hope is one in which Christ redeems the entirety of our being. Like Wesley Hill’s classic ‘Washed and Waiting,” there is a strong emphasis on living in the expectant hope of Christ.

As someone who is gay, theologically conservative, and Christian; it is a delight to be able to add this book to the few I am able to recommend as spiritually healthy and informative on the subject of being gay and Christian.  This book is not just important because of the scarcity of available texts by people who are personally invested, it is stunning from the beginning because of the great insight and wisdom Greg provides in living under the authority of Jesus. He illustrates in beauty what it means to live and declare above all that Jesus is worth our all. The book is superbly written and was an enjoyment to read. For anyone who is learning or wanting to learn how to love others who are LGBTQ well in Christ, this is simply a must read. Greg paints brilliantly through his words the strange place we as evangelicals currently put our sexual minorities in. It is refreshing and with great delight to see a new voice enter the scene with such a well-written memoir that will help to bring understanding for what it means to be a sexual minority in the body of Christ.

Would I recommend Single, Gay, Christian? YES! I have already preordered a few copies to give away as gifts.

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