Why am I Blogging?

Ever have an itch that just needed to be scratched? This space, this digital scratchpad, is an attempt to scratch said itch in my life. Sometimes you just have to get out what is stirring in the deep, deep down.

I am a Christian. I believe deep down that Jesus is the Son of God, who is fully God and fully man, who has made way for us to be in relationship with God through his atoning sacrifice. He has removed our shame. He has paid the debts that we have incurred. He loves so much that he has begun making all things new in those who follow after Him.

I am also a single guy. Yes, single and I happen to be a guy who is attracted to other guys. Yes. That. Its nothing I am ashamed of. In truth I am delighted and enjoy seeing how Jesus is writing out new chapters in my life with the wonders of his love.  I find it fascinating how he can take the pieces of our life and transform them into something else, something new.   But yes, I am gay or samesex attracted or however else you would like to phrase it.

I am also committed to the traditional teachings of the Christian faith. I believe deep down that marriage is between a man and a woman. This however is not to say I have resigned myself to being alone and having depressing life with no relationships.  Anything but! The reality is Jesus is calling me into a much deeper love. A love that is being wrought out in his Church as his Kingdom comes and is coming through into the now.

A lot of my thoughts, the itch I mentioned above, end-up coming out of the intersect between all of the these things.  So welcome to my scratch pad.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings and musings.