To Mourn Well

Scripture calls believers to mourn with those who mourn. To let love always be genuine and to abhor that which is evil. To always hold fast to which is good. When there is a disconnect between people, how may we fulfill scripture and mourn with love well? … More To Mourn Well

Peculiar Meals – The Gift of a Dinner Table

Every Tuesday night for the last two years, two of my friends have done something scandalous. They don’t publicize it. I don’t think they care what others would think. What they do is really quiet simple and remarkable. Every Tuesday night they open up their home. They invite others, just for a few hours each week, to be a part of a loving family. For a few hours each week a glimpse of heaven can be seen over some bread and wine in this small town. … More Peculiar Meals – The Gift of a Dinner Table

Lay down your pen…

Last week a friend committed suicide. A few days ago a person I was discipling walked away. Two days ago I met with some friends to talk about creation.

It would be a lie to say this was an easy week. It wasn’t. I had hoped that many of these stories would turn out different; but they didn’t. Their stories had a twist I did not expect. … More Lay down your pen…